Evolution in B2B Service Providers

Touchpoint’s Goal? Eliminate Time and Stress…Period.

Stop wasting time and feeling aggravated with researching B2B service providers. Call Touchpoint and say, “I want the best deals in…”

  • Credit Card Processing
  • TV Service – Cable and Satellite
  • Utilities – Electric & Gas
  • Telecom – Voice & Internet
  • Payroll Processing
  • Business Insurance
  • Or All of the Above

Touchpoint will find them because we do the homework for you. It’s really that simple and all you need to do is contact us.

Now, how does Touchpoint do this? We’re glad you asked…

With over 12 years of entrepreneurial experience in the hospitality and restaurant industries, the founders decided it was time to share their knowledge and expertise with other like-minded business owners or property managers who could benefit from using a new system for securing the best pricing options for commonly used business services.

What Makes Us Different?

We ARE NOT the VENDOR.  We work for you; not the service providers. This is what makes us different from other procurement firms who are making money ‘on the side’ by recommending vendors who make them rich. With that said, our time and knowledge isn’t free. However, Touchpoint’s procurement service IS affordable. Plus, it frees up time so you can focus on other issues at your business, which saves you stress and money.

Still want to learn more? You can READ MORE here or, if you’re busy,  just skip it; contact us now. There’s no obligation and no commitment to answer your questions about Touchpoint.

Why Touchpoint…

Touchpoint founders understood the need to create a simplified process for services used frequently by hotels, restaurants, property managers and all businesses.  Through their background they know, first-hand, that being inundated with sales people and confusing proposals that promise “the best pricing” (yet rarely delivers) drains your time and energy. With Touchpoint, you avoid that. Here’s how…

Touchpoint Saves…

  1. Your Time
  2. Your Money
  3. Your Sanity

You can avoid headaches and improve your customer service by using affordable, dependable vendors. In addition, you don’t have to worry about keeping track of when promotional deals expire or the chaos of renewing contracts. Touchpoint handle all of that too. Best of all though, we research your contracts when it comes time to renew to ensure you’re still getting the best deal possible. So, Touchpoint helps you today AND in the future by simplifying the process and working for you; not the vendors. Plus, should concerns arise, Touchpoint acts as a liaison to aid in expediting any service issues.

In short, we’re more than a procure services firm. We’re your advocate on every level with vendors.

The Benefits of Working With Touchpoint

  • Streamline Your Administrative Operations
  • Ensure Optimal Solutions at Optimal Pricing Levels
  • Annual Contract Management, Negotiation and Maintenance
  • Work With Vendors Partners to Ensure a High Level of Service

So…What Are You Waiting For?

It’s said, “Inaction is perhaps the greatest mistake of all”. Contact one of Touchpoint’s procurement service experts today. Let us show you how your company can be more financially fruitful and less hectic.

Office: 734/217-4790