Payroll Services

While there are many payroll companies to choose from, Touchpoint has selected some of the top payroll service providers to the hospitality industry to help solve your payroll administrative needs, along with providing cost-effective pricing where the savings are passed on to you. Our payroll vendor partners can provide services ranging from simple payroll processing to providing a virtual HR Department. Meeting with us to discuss your payroll needs will allow the Touchpoint team to personalize a payroll service solution just for you.

Managing these services internally can be costly as these tasks are not only time consuming, but can also be confusing with continual changes to local, state, and national laws. Outsourcing this complex function of your human resource management will help optimize and simplify your payroll process, which allows you the opportunity to focus on your core business. Let Touchpoint find the right payroll service provider for you so you can get the solution that works best for your business.


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